Friday, April 12, 2024

120 Years of History Electrified

The historic car of Mercedes-Benz has been redesigned with a Simplex electric motor and adapted to the present day.

The Mercedes-Benz Simplex, which started to be produced in 1902 and was one of the most luxurious vehicles of that period, was modernized and redesigned with one of today’s electric motors. Created at the brand’s new design center in Nice, this concept combines 120 years of history with today’s advanced technologies in a perfect balance.

The biggest difference between the two-seater car and the old design is that a digital screen has been installed instead of the grille in front of it. The grille concealed the Simplex’s front-mounted motor, which was so innovative for the early 20th century. The 3-dimensional display, which replaces the grid and has a pink gold frame, displays the vintage logo of Mercedes.

Apart from that, the new car preserves the curved contours of the old one and the wheels standing outside the body.

The interior of the vehicle is designed as a minimal cockpit. Its steering wheel and control buttons and panel on a pillar carry a nautical-inspired touch; Information about the road and speed are shown through projections. Its sky-blue upholstery is also a homage to the Cote D’Azur region where Nice is located.

Mercedes’ design teams created Simplex as a project that demonstrated their ability to adapt the brand’s long history to today’s advanced technologies.

“Only a brand as strong as Mercedes-Benz can physically bring the past and the future together,” said Gorden Wagener, head of Mercedes’ design teams, for Vision Mercedes Simplex. Vision Mercedes Simplex symbolizes the transformation of luxury unique to Mercedes-Benz ”.

Although it is not possible for the Vision Mercedes Simplex to cease to be a concept and go into production, if Mercedes decides to add headlights and other safety elements to the vehicle, we can see this interesting vehicle that combines vintage and modern on the road.


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